About 200 years ago "Goethe" spent much time in Frankfurt and area. The people living in Frankfurt call him a "big son of the city".

Frankfurt is Germany`s financial capital an an important commercial and industrial center. Its strategic location and highly developed transportation and communication infrastructure make Frankfurt the natural choice as an operational base for the companies and financial institutions from around the globe.

Located in the center of Europe` s most dynamic economy, Frankfurt is a city preferred by decision-makers, both in Germany and abroad. Companies, organizations and institutions of all kinds profit from the city`s diversity and resourcefulness. And their numbers are growing steadily as both big and small companies are attracted to the city in sectors ranging from banking and finance, communications and publishing to trade and warehousing.

But Frankfurt is much more than a business and financial center: it is a city with a human touch, a big cultural heritage an beautiful surroundigs as well as a very international ambiance. In Frankfurt, growth is not pursued for ist own sake. We are firmly committed to quality groth which combines economic expansion with a constant improvement in the quality of life of the people who work and live in the city.